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The 2015 Season Tentative Schedule Is Here!

Many of you have asked for it, and we are happy to announce that we have a tentative schedule now available! Click here to see the PDF of the latest for 2015!

World Records Heat Up In New Blog Spot

In his latest BlogSpot, Dr. Davis writes about the world records broken and set at World Challenge XXIII in Phoenix in November. Read more here!

2014 Survey

If you have a quick 5 minutes, and would like to tell us what you thought about the 2014 Season click here.

World Challenge XXIII Video Content Now Available!
All of the races from Worlds have been labeled and uploaded for your viewing pleasure! Check out Worlds XXIII through our official video portal:

When you go to our Vimeo page:
1. Click the specific race day and category you want to see,
2. Scroll to the comments and find your name and time stamp,
3. Click the time code and the video will jump specifically to that point in time,
4. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Worlds XXIII this year and made it so great!

Photo Update

More photos fromt the award ceremonies at World Challenge XXIII have been posted on our Flickr page! Check them out here!

Video Update

The newest video updates include all of the individual races from Saturday, all of the tandems from Sunday, and the tandems and relays from Wednesday. On Thursday we will upload the individual runs from Wednesday as well as the runs from Tuesday. We are limited to uploading 20 GB/week of video and this will put us close to the weekly limit, meaning runs from Monday might have to be posted the following Thursday, but that won't be determined until Thursdays uploads. Check out Worlds XXIII through our official video portal:

World Challenge Videos

We are still in the process of editing and uploading all of the video content from Worlds. We should be finished roughly within a week. To see what's currently uploaded, check out the video on demand link at

Hammer Deals From Trusty Hammers!

Trusty Hammers is offering incredible deals on hammers and hammer packages for firefighters! This is the official hammer of the Combat Challenge, so if you've been waiting to get a hammer for training, now is the time to do so! More information and ordering links here.

Video Content From World Challenge In Phoenix

We are very excited to share that we are in the midst of editing and posting video content from World Challenge on our Vimeo page! Top races from the Finals, as well as breakdown videos of each hour of competiton from the Wildcard days of competition will be available as they are edited and posted. Watch the videos here!

WC XXIII Finals Day 2

World Challenge 23 is in the books, and today had even more world record breaking times. Montgomery set the world record for the relay while winning the championship with a 1:07.22. While Gmack and the Freak-A-Zoid (Graham MacKenzie and Ian Van Reenan) won the open tandem, but couldn't quite break the record setting mark earlier (Day 4) by the Bert & Ernie Tandem.

Phoenix International Raceway Parking Information

Parking for the second day of Finals will be in lot YELLOW 5. A map of the lot, and the raceway can be found here. There will be a tram to shuttle competitors and their gear to the course.

Final Day 2 Preview

Interested in how Day 2 will go? Check out the preliminary schedule here. In addition, for those driving to the course tomorrow, you'll want to park in lot Yellow 5, and then take the tram to the course.

Final Day 1 Results

Congratulations to our newest World Champions, Hamilton Fire Department and Justin Couperus. Hamilton not only won WC XXIII, they broke Missoula's long-standing team time record, with a 4:15. Justin won the King of the Jungle award with a 1:19.35. Jamie McGarva took the over 40, with a new World record of 1:20.43, and many other new champions were crowned. You can see all the results here.

FInal Day 1 Run Order
Here it is, the first draft of tomorrow's Run order. This is still subject to change. (Updated at 5:31 PM)

Final Day 1 & 2 List *Updated*

Check here to see if you made it to Saturday. As always, let us know as soon as possible with any changes. The list for Sunday can be seen here.

Seminar and CAB Meeting Location

The seminar and CAB meetings will be held in the Camelback Room on the second floor of the Sheraton, in Downtown Phoenix. There are signs reading "Firefighter Combat Challenge" to help direct to the room.

Draft Order for day 4

This is the draft of the individual order for day 4. If you are not on here, or should be on here, please let us know asap. We also saw some more world records fall this day, including the open tandem (Team Bert and Ernie), the over 50 individual (Thomas Hamberger), the over 55 individual (Cyril Fraser), the over 40 female (Carla Penman), the over 50 relay (Canadian Old Farts), and the over 40 relay record (Team USAFA 40+). We also almost saw the open male and open team categories fall. See you all tomorrow for the last day of Wildcards.

World Challenge Wildcard Day 3

We saw some great races, including new world records in the open tandem (a 1:11.79 Cory McGee and Chris Finkes), as well as the female tandem (a 1:54.15 Amber Bowman and Carla Penman.) It also included a new female relay world record by the Golden Girls, a 1:43.71.Tomorrow's run order can be seen here (once again it's only individuals that have already signed a waiver.)

World Challenge Wildcard Day 2

The beginning of the morning's run order can once again be found here. This is only individuals who have already signed their waiver, others can sign in the morning of the race. Tandems and relays will follow the individuals.

World Challenge Live Broadcast

We are working very hard to bring the live broadcast from World Challenge XXIII online. We are currently experiencing issues with our Internet connection that were unforseeable. As soon as we possibly can, we will go live. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience to those of you trying to watch from home.

World Challenge XXIII

For the competitors running on Monday, here is the beginning of the run order, which will kick off promptly at 10 am. Check in will begin shortly after 7 am for anyone else running tomorrow.

U.S. Nationals - Tyler Texas Day 3

Montgomery Blue finished at the top of a very competitive field, winning the open relay with a 1:10. Boca Raton took the Over 40 division with a 1:19. Next stop is Phoenix, for World Challenge XXIII.

U.S. Nationals - Tyler Texas Day 2

Matt Tavaglione and Russell Krasnesky broke the Over 40 tandem record; while Krasnesky and Cory Mcgee came within .06 second of breaking the open tandem record with a 1:12.72. Tomorrow's relay brackets can be found here.

U.S. Nationals - Tyler Texas Day 1

Cory McGee ran the second fastest time ever, winning the open with a 1:21.17. In addition, Russell Krasnesky once again broke the Over 40, and Over 45 records with a 1:24.91. Montgomery Blue took the Granby Trophy home, with a 4:53.

New Blogspot

Dr. Davis has put out a blog on his experiences in Montgomery.

Montgomery Day 2

The local team won out, taking the victory of our largest field this year (31 teams.) Montgomery Blue will be looking to make some noise at worlds! See you all at Nationals in Tyler next week.

Montgomery Day 1

Russell Krasnesky once again breaks records, this time with a 1:25.55, setting both the over 40 and over 45 records. In addition, Cory McGee won the open category with a 1:23.17, the best time of the year so far.

The Return of the Worlds Name Shirt

Once again, we will be creating a name shirt for
all competitors who have competed in the 2014 season. If you
did not make it to a regional event, or if your name is not on this list, please let us know and we'll add your name!
Check the list here.

Chevron Phillips Sponsors The Challenge

We are thrilled to announce that Chevron Phillips now has a sponsored tile on our homepage! Chevron Phillips is the maker of E-IIIĀ® Fire Training Fluids, which can produce a challenging training scenario that is both safer for firefighters and the environment than traditional fuels. Click on the "Turn Up The Heat?" tile on the right to learn more about their fantastic products!

World Challenge XXIII Registration
... now open on the World's Page. See you in Phoenix!

Rookie of the Year

If you would like to nominate a new competitor for this year's rookie of the year, email Daniel at

Chatham-Kent Day 2

We avoided the rain again, while Hamilton swept the relay, over 40 relay, and open male tandem events. We'll see you in a few weeks in Montgomery, Alabama.

Chatham-Kent Day 1 and the Unlimited Relay

After a beautiful day of racing, Hamilton Fire took the Team event with a 4:44 Team time. Ian van Reenen almost had the best time of the year (1:22) but missed the target, opening up the way for Shaun Henderson to win.

There has been some confusion over the new Unlimited Relay category. The only change is that we're planning on a new category at Worlds, where anyone can assemble a Relay Team with anyone. While we do hope that this will be an outlet to allow competitors without their own department members
to compete as a Relay, this should not make any current teams illegal. If you had a legal team before, you still do now. The normal Team and Relay categories will still be present.

The same "organic unit" language that's been in our rules for years is still applicable to the regular Relay, and the Team categories.

Click here for Dr. Paul's latest blog entry with updates about World Challenge in Phoenix! Click here for the World Challenge section of our website.

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